Fateful Words

Looking through one of my paper-and-ink journals...


Julia wants me to play World of Warcraft on a free trial with her.  This seems like exactly the kind of thing that could eat my life and make my brain explode as I struggle to...not level up, but to learn all of the mythology!


Wait what really?

So Garrosh blowing up Theramore was not really that bad and wasn't supposed to contradict the beliefs he claimed to have in Stonetalon?  WTF.  Blizzard, do your writers ever talk to each other?  Do you think that just maybe it would be a good idea if they did?  -_-;
Dead Rogue

Pessimistic Spoiler Girl, reporting for duty!

Terrible news for Lels:

(Don’t worry too much—even if it’s true, I’m sure it won’t be permanent!)

Terrible news for me:

…I totally saw something like this coming, but I'm not exactly pleased to be right. >_>

On the bright side, it seems that warlocks are finally getting some lore.

Edit: Why can't I make two links?  There's something I'm not getting here.  Last time I posted, it wouldn't let me include more than one picture.

A pirate's accessories for me...

Final day of classes at the center.  If feels like just another day, so it's weird to think that these may have been the last classes I'll ever take in my life.

I just ran through the Deadmines a couple times and got myself a parrot as well as a pirate shirt.  And speaking of pirates...a couple weeks ago,  my very first alt to level through Northern Stranglethorn was doing the first set of quests at Kurzen's Compound when a mob dropped a curious piece of gear that had a higher level than the zone itself.

It turned out to be this.

I'd rather have gotten the pet, but that's still pretty cool.  If only I could have this much luck finding a job.